Using Dossiers for compiling and exporting materials

The contents of the ECC Factbook and the ECC Library more generally are designed to be useful for a wide variety of purposes, many of them not online.
For this reason, we are providing the dossier and export functions to compile contents and export them as PDFs for printing, presentations or other purposes.

You can compile and export the contents of your dossier in three easy steps:

1) Selecting Dossier Items

Click on the upper-left box of an ECC Library content (such as a conflict of the Factbook) to select or deselect an item for your Dossier. In the example above, the conflict "Conflicts over Water in the Aral Sea" is already part of your Dossier and the conflict "Conflict between Masalit and Reizegat Abbala in Sudan" is being added to the selection.

2) Viewing your Dossier

By clicking on the Dossier button in the top right of the tabular view of the Factbook and the ECC Library, you can access your dossier:


3) Exporting the Dossier
Now, just click on the export button in the top right to generate a PDF export of your dossier:

We hope you find this function useful and would be happy to hear from you how you have used the ECC contents in offline-settings and what we should do to make the export functions more useful.